Video Intro to the Shared Situation Guide

Here’s a brief video intro to one of my new projects, the Shared Situation Guide. It shows you how to access and start using the guide on your desktop and/or mobile. Your shared situation can be whatever your group is dealing with or considering. You can learn and use it on your own right now if you like, but stay tuned for upcoming online workshops for learning to use the guide!

No Fill Marks?

This short video (3.5 minutes) is for people who own French press coffee makers AS WELL AS designers and anyone interested in innovation and creativity. It also uses a mind map you can explore while learning some proximity thinking at the same time!

New One Minute Overview of Proximity Thinking

I’ve created a one minute overview of proximity thinking, including what it is, why the word “proximity,” and the main parts of the framework.

NOTE — THIS IS A PLAYLIST OF THREE VIDEOS. The first short clip is me introducing the new one minute overview, which will then play next so you can just wait for it to start. Then third, it will play a long video, and if you watch that I highly recommend clicking the FULL-SCREEN button (lower right corner when you hover your mouse over the video).

My First ProxThink Hangout On Air Session is Tomorrow

I’m doing a public online Let’s ProxThink session this Sunday, May 18, from 5:00 – 6:30 pm PST. It’s a live Google+ Hangout On Air. It could be the freshest one I’ll ever do, and/or it could be a train wreck! Later, part or all of it may go on the ProxThink YouTube Channel. You can find out more at

Here’s a 15 second video promo I recently made! Thanks!

Major Accomplishments and Continuing Evolutions


What follows is a list of my major accomplishments to date. Many have long term potential, and present a number of opportunities for people, both individually and in groups. These projects continue to evolve. I hope our relationship will evolve as well.

Thinking and Philosophy
Created a set of ideas (ProxThink) for thinking about and relating to situations and proximities, which is potentially a breakthrough.

Creativity and Innovation
Used the ProxThink set of ideas to create an interactive website feature, which takes words you enter to generate hints questions. The hints can trigger creativity and stimulate thinking and action. The hints use ProxThink ideas and concepts, which are linked to a large set of website pages which explain the ideas and concepts, and help people use them.

Business and Society
Used the ProxThink set of ideas to create a Growth Model that may be a breakthrough evolution for business, collaboration and social interactions generally.

Used the ProxThink Growth Model to create potentially breakthrough agreements for websites, collaboration and intellectual property. Many other such agreements are possible.

My art (painting and drawing, found at played an integral role in the development of ProxThink, and ProxThink ideas and concepts help me create art. This process of creating, and the work itself, are perhaps contributions to the histories and dialogues of art. I’m working on an adaptation of a new way of distributing content (see next paragraph) for my own and other people’s art.

Content Distribution and Social Interaction
Used the ProxThink Growth Model to develop a potentially breakthrough way to distribute, share, interact with and relate to content. (Content in the sense of information, media, arts, communication, news, etc.) The Proxri Deal on this site is an instance of it. I’m now working on a form of the Proxri Deal which covers resources in general, which may be adapted to a variety of different inventions, innovations, social interactions and other situations. With it, I hope to make available some structural inventions I created.

Together, the innovations above may represent a set of possibilities for how civilizations organize themselves. The focuses shift from elements to the proximity. More specifically, the focuses shift from one (just elements) or two (elements and relationships), to three (the proximity includes elements and relationships, for three total).

ProxThink may provide a set of ideas and thinking tools for science which are potentially breakthrough.

Again, each of the above has long term potential, and presents a huge number of opportunities for people, both individually and in groups. Again, each continues to evolve.

I need a better network and proximity, to support and nourish me and these ideas and innovations, as they continue to grow.

I would like our relationship to be part of my network and proximity, and in turn, for our relationship to help you and your network and proximity.

I hope you will do one or several of the following:
a) Reward with a proxri as a part of my Proxri Deal.
b) Join as a member, as a beginning or strengthening, of our relationship.
c) Tell someone else about these opportunities.
d) Contact me.
e) Do something else which you think may help.

Thank you,
David Loughry

~ Proxri Deal: As you find our relationship rewarding, proxri with the proximity in mind. ~