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In addition to connecting here, you’ll get links to participate in my projects related to proximity thinking and sustainable variety. To get sustainable variety, you need a little backstory about proximity thinking. Why? I think sustainable proximities and sustainable variety reinforce each other.

Integrating a diverse array of knowledge and experiences, I created proximity thinking, or ProxThink for short. ProxThink is a proximity-focused framework for creativity, innovation, problem-solving, sustainability and living. You can explore the full framework at You can also explore our Services (workshops, sessions, flexible collaboration, speaking and consulting), the blog at, and our YouTube Channel at

With the ProxThink framework I created the sustainable proximities approach. From that evolved the idea of sustainable variety. I think variety in life is critical to health, happiness, and vibrant communities, and that variety and sustainability reinforce each other and enhance each other. I’ve come to think that sustainable variety is a viable way to approach both life and our shared challenges, and that the sustainable proximities approach could assist us in getting more sustainable variety. This resulted, among other things, in the Shared Situations Guide and the Shared Situations project at

I’ve also created some other projects related to proximity thinking and sustainable variety (,, and a few others). I’m an artist and photographer as well. Together, my various projects are my attempt at creating sustainable variety in my life, and encouraging and enabling sustainable variety for other people as well.

Here are my major projects, some of which are in the site menu. This site also offers some of my art, photos and videos, and a blog.

If you need to get in touch, you can contact me here.

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I hope you enjoy the site!

—David Loughry