My Circumstances (My ProxMonitor)

You can use this ProxMonitor page about my circumstances when making a proxri or choosing a Patreon tier. A Proximity Monitor, or ProxMonitor, is another way to think about, and talk about, circumstances.

My Circumstances

Ratings are on a scale of 1-10, with 1 as the worst and 10 as the best.

Summary – Quality of Life — 5
Financial Condition — 4
— Money proxri for June through 6/26/21 — $0
— June Budget $2,250
— June Goal $4,000
Health — 6
Variety — 5
Human Connections — 3
Appropriate Work Levels — 4

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What keeps people from using a ProxMonitor to manipulate other people? I think people tend toward variety and balance over time. They tend towards the kinds of variety and balance that are right for them, since we are similar but different from others. If someone lies on their ProxMonitor for false gain, sooner or later they’ll probably get bored with it, and want to move towards the kinds of variety and balance that are right for them.