Artist Statement

I’m interested in making interesting things to look at and think about.

That’s a deceptively simple thing to say.

What are some of the most interesting things to people? The list probably includes other people, nature, being alive, and things that don’t quite fit known patterns.

Over decades, I’ve made a study of what being alive and being creative are like. I’ve developed 16 patterns that fit into a framework I call proximity thinking. I call it ProxThink for short.

I use proximity thinking when making art. The process of proximity thinking also naturally incorporates references to other people, nature, things that don’t quite fit known patterns, and other things that people often find interesting.

I’ve discovered proximity thinking helps me make things that are interesting to look at and think about. Things that you don’t quickly get tired of looking at or thinking about.

But I’ve yet to find something that doesn’t get tiring eventually. Luckily, part of the proximity thinking framework comes in handy here too.

The ProxThink growth model, with it’s proxri process, helps provide a different distribution model for art. With it, finding new art is more like finding a new book or finding new music.

I’m implementing this new approach here on this site. And also, for myself and other artists, on a site called