Proxri David with the proximity in mind.

Are you benefiting from some of my projects and creative works (​full list here)? If so, you can proxri (ProxReward) in several different ways, and help spread sustainable variety for me, yourself and others through my projects!

What are proxri?
Here’s the brief answer: Proxri (pronounced prox’ree) is short for one or more ProxRewards, which are rewards made with the proximity in mind.

How do you proxri?
Basically, you consider your enjoyment and benefits (from my projects, arts files, videos, art, photos, writing, websites, etc.), your circumstances, my circumstances, and some related people and circumstances, and then proxri as appropriate. Proxri may include money, things, services, relationships, actions, etc. Find more details about proxri here. 

Proxri Once
You can find links to proxri with money one time, as well as proxri in non-financial ways, on this page.

Proxri Monthly (recommended)
You can set up a monthly proxri of money (starting at $1/month) via Patreon and also get updates and many other rewards here on Patreon.

Thank you!
David Loughry