Options for Sustainable Variety

Sustainable variety? What’s that?

What is sustainable variety? Well, I’ve always been interested in what makes life great. What makes people feel alive, excited, vital and engaged? I think a good answer is what I call “sustainable variety.” You could say it’s variety that continues and grows. It’s variety that doesn’t become static, yet also isn’t so great it becomes chaotic. You could say sustainable variety, in many ways, is what nature does. 

However, I don’t think sustainable variety just accidentally happens, at least on a consistent basis. I do think there are things we can to do to increase our chances of having sustainable variety. Thanks to living in a mobile and networked world, we can more easily create sustainable proximities, and while doing so, create sustainable variety. Here are some of my projects that are options for you, others, and perhaps us, to create sustainable variety.

Some Options …

Collaborating on Shared Situations

Shared situations can improve and become more lively when people can relate to the proximity of their shared situation. The Shared Situation Guide helps groups do that in mobile, networked ways. This may assist any group with a shared situation, from friends and associates, to neighborhoods and communities and beyond. The guide grew out of the proximity thinking framework and helps create sustainable proximities and sustainable variety. The Shared Situations site has links to begin using the guide, provides starter sets for some common situations, points to workshops for learning the guide, and helps people find and collaborate with others using the guide for shared situations.

Communities for Variety People

The variety people site aims to encourage variety and help variety people manage the dance between variety and stability. It’s a largely user-generated place to connect and share experiences, resources, ideas, events, articles, questions and ways of managing variety. In the process, perhaps we can become happier, healthier and more sustainable. And we might get what you could call some sustainable variety.

If you live in or near Los Angeles, you might be interested in joining the Variety People Los Angeles meetup group.

New Ways to Distribute and Enjoy the Arts

Easy downloading and sharing on networks creates opportunities for more variety, exploration, richer lives and rewards that relate. If certain information is attached to artistic works, we can relate to and reward creators no matter how we access or get their works. And, networks let rewards for the works relate to the enjoyments, benefits, people and circumstances in the proximity. Such rewards are called proxri. Artsdown is a place to explore and post downloadable arts and things related to downloadable arts (such as links, reviews, events, products, services, ideas and experiences), as well as a place to comment on postings and reward (proxri) arts creators.

Proximity Thinking for Ideas and Collaboration

Proximity thinking provides a conceptual framework for sustainable proximities and sustainable variety, as well as creativity, innovation, problem-solving and living.

Are you benefiting from these projects?

Are you benefiting from the projects above? Would you like to see them continue? If so, you can proxri (ProxReward) in several different ways. You can proxri one time or in non-financial ways here. You can set up a monthly proxri of money via Patreon and also get updates and many other potential benefits here.

Thanks! I’d be interested to hear about your experiences with any of these projects.

—David Loughry