Changing our lives may start with two words: “sustainable variety.” It’s variety that continues, refreshes, renews. Help yourself and others on …

… some adventures in sustainable variety. Why? We can feel and be more alive, pursue possibilities, meet challenges and avoid problems.

Collaborate and get involved in small to big ways, with or without money, for benefits on many levels.

David Loughry Dec 2016 (small)Hello, I’m David Loughry. Whether you tend to pursue possibilities, meet challenges, avoid problems, or all three, I invite you to get involved, in small to big ways, in some adventures in creating sustainable variety and you’ll feel more alive, excited, vital and engaged (more on this below). These adventures may be with others, on your own, with me, and any combo of those. Read the four bullets below for a little background as you take the first steps.

  • Pursuing Possibilities and Meeting Challenges
    I’ve always been interested in what makes life great. What makes people feel alive, excited, vital and engaged? What makes life enjoyable? I think a good answer is what I call sustainable variety. Sometimes I call it SustaVariety. It’s variety that continues, refreshes, renews. Things don’t become too static, yet also not too chaotic. It’s kind of what nature does. And creating sustainable variety involves both pursuing possibilities and meeting challenges (creating, improving, solving). Let’s start creating more sustainable variety. I think I’ve found some better ways of doing that, each of which relates in some way to the proximity thinking (ProxThink for short) framework I created. Of course, there are other possible ways to create sustainable variety as well.
  • Meeting Challenges and Avoiding Problems 
    Collaboration is often needed, and often makes a big difference, in meeting challenges and avoiding problems. And collaboration is often critical for avoiding preventable large-scale problems. Not only that, collaboration, when done well, can help people feel alive, excited, vital and engaged. Given our challenges, humanity desperately needs some better ways to collaborate. But perhaps we haven’t had a conceptual framework well-matched to our networked, connected world, which we could use for better collaboration. I may have invented one. It’s the ProxThink growth model. (ProxThink is short for proximity thinking. The growth model is part of, and uses, the rest of proximity thinking, so using the growth model also helps create sustainable variety. And when not collaborating, you can use proximity thinking to meet challenges and avoid problems on your own.) I’ve created some ongoing and prototype projects to implement the growth model, but more needs to be done for various shared situations, as well as tests and improvements. Of course, the sustainable part of creating sustainable variety also implies meeting challenges and avoiding problems, so other ways (other than the ProxThink growth model) of creating sustainable variety may help as well. And just having the general idea and goal of sustainable variety may trigger different things and processes.
  • Pursuing Possibilities, Meeting Challenges and Avoiding Problems
    Based on the bullets above, creating sustainable variety with the ProxThink growth model and the rest of the proximity thinking framework can help us pursue possibilities, meet challenges and avoid problems, and in doing so, help us feel and be more alive, excited, vital and engaged. How? By shifting how we create, how we approach situations and how we collaborate. And, other ways of creating sustainable variety may also help us pursue possibilities, meet challenges and avoid problems. So it makes sense to focus on creating sustainable variety.
  • Adventures that Make Sense and Feel Right
    In just two words, sustainable variety implies a lot and provides guidance for how to proceed. It’s about feeling and being more alive, excited, vital and engaged as well as pursuing possibilities, meeting challenges and avoiding problems and disasters. So adventures in creating sustainable variety, whether through the proximity thinking framework and/or in other ways, make sense and feel right.

You’ll Benefit on Many Levels

Now that you’ve taken the first steps on adventures in creating sustainable variety, let’s cover your benefits on many levels from getting involved (whether in small, medium or big ways). Later, you’ll see how to get more involved in the section called Get more benefits by getting involved.

  • Feel More Alive
    You could feel more alive and engaged, have more fun and enjoyment, and so could other people you know, and other people you don’t know!
  • Improve Situations at the Same Time
    We face many challenges, individually and together, here on the old planet, which proximity thinking and my related projects can address while they create and spread sustainable variety. And, other ways of creating sustainable variety can also likely improve situations at the same time. So you can feel more alive and improve situations at the same time.
  • Learn New Approaches
    You’ll learn new ways to look at things and get new approaches for dealing with many challenging situations.
  • Your Patron Benefits
    If you become a patron of mine on Patreon, starting at $1 per month, you’ll also get the benefits of the Patreon Tiers. Note that since each tier includes all the lower tier benefits, your benefits really add up!

    • The Sustaining Tiers (Growers, Explorers, Experimenters), based on your tier, get you access to different online group sessions related to my major projects (more on my projects ProxThink, Variety People, Artsdown and Shared Situations below), access to my art and photo files (all tiers), and early looks at new content (videos, art, photos and writing).
    • The Content Creation Tiers (Launchpads, Liftoff Thrusters, Booster Rockets) get you in-process and behind-the-scenes views of content in progress (videos, art, photos, writing), your name credited upon publication, and increasing satisfaction and potential benefits for yourself and others from getting me more time for content creation.
    • The ProxThink Collaboration and Coaching Tiers (Champions, Partners, Benefactors) get you different amounts of ProxThink collaboration and coaching, with you or your team, to develop ideas and work on challenging situations. I’ll bring the integrated value of my diverse background, projects and creative abilities, combined with the flexible and comprehensive proximity thinking framework (more on this below) I developed for creativity, problem-solving and collaboration, available via a variety of communication and collaboration methods.

Now, on to more about sustainable variety and how you can get involved (whether in small, medium or big ways) …

Options for sustainable variety, for people generally.

I don’t think sustainable variety just accidentally happens, at least on a consistent basis. I do think there are things we can do to increase our chances of having sustainable variety. I’ve developed some ongoing and prototype projects (farther down this page) that provide options for people, to help create and spread sustainable variety. Of course, there are other possible ways to create sustainable variety as well. Each of my projects relates in some way to the proximity thinking framework I created, although that may not be obvious at first. Proximity thinking (ProxThink) helps create sustainable proximities and sustainable variety. One thing that ties my projects together is our connected world allows us to be more proximity-oriented, and proximity thinking provides a conceptual framework for that which we may have been missing. I developed proximity thinking over decades, integrating a diverse array of knowledge and experiences in the arts, sciences, design and business. I also have a math degree and a masters in business (MBA). For more about me, there’s an overview here, a bit of a bio here, and a summary of my major accomplishments here.

Options for sustainable variety, for me.

What’s the point of creating sustainable variety for others if I don’t have it? I’m trying to create sustainable variety for myself by valuing, allowing, seeking and managing variety in my life. This includes creating videos, downloadable art and photos. It also includes pursuing my projects described below as well as the full list of projects here, and creating sustainable variety in my personal and everyday life.  

Get More by Getting Involved

There are a variety of possibilities for you to get more of the benefits listed above, by getting involved. Here are some of your options for being part of the adventures:

  • Explore, try, participate in, and/or collaborate on one or more of my major projects, as well as join related groups for each. The projects include ProxThink, Shared Situations, Variety People and Artsdown (see below for more). Or do the same with some of my other projects and creative works (full list here).
  • Explore and/or create, by yourself or with a group, your own possible ways to create sustainable variety.
  • Share my projects and online posts.
  • Follow and connect on social media.
  • Proxri (reward with the proximity in mind) me once or in ongoing ways, with money or in non-financial ways, for my works and projects. Patreon is recommended, since you’ll get the benefits of the Patreon tier you choose, as well as all of the tiers below it. Getting involved in the ways mentioned in the four bullets above are also kinds of proxri! For more on proxri, see the last major section of this page.

Major Projects

Below are introductions and links to some of my more major projects and some related groups. The projects include ProxThink, the Shared Situation Guide, Variety People and Artsdown. As noted above, each relates in some way to proximity thinking.


Proximity Thinking, for Living in a Connected, Changing World

Do we humans feel vibrantly alive? Are we meeting our challenges as well as we might? Doing so enjoyably? Individually and in groups? Could be better? Watch this short video. You’ll see why things might not be going well, and how proximity thinking can help. I developed it. I hope it helps and think it can. It might be fun.
—David Loughry

Take the online course mentioned for a faster start. You’ll get proximity-oriented approaches for our increasingly proximity-oriented world. There’s no set price, but rather a minimum proxri, which may work better in a connected world. Learn more and take the course at


GroupIf you live in or near Los Angeles, you might be interested in joining the Proximity Thinkers LA meetup group.


Group — Trying or using proximity thinking? Join our monthly online session of the Intro to ProxThink User Group to ask questions and share experiences. Prior to the session, you may have taken the Intro to ProxThink online course or explored proximity thinking on your own. Includes options for audio and video conferencing, text chat and screen-sharing, for up to about an hour. To attend and be notified of dates and times, go to Patreon and become a patron.


Collaborate and Make Proximities More Lively with the Shared Situation Guide

Shared situations can improve and become more lively when people can relate to the proximity of their shared situation. The Shared Situation Guide helps groups do that in mobile, networked ways. This may assist any group with a shared situation, from friends and associates, to neighborhoods and communities and beyond. The guide grew out of the proximity thinking framework and helps create sustainable proximities and sustainable variety. The Shared Situations site introduces the guide, has links to begin using the guide, provides starter sets for some common situations, points to workshops for learning the guide, and helps people find and collaborate with others using the guide for shared situations.


Group — Ask questions and share experiences using the guide with me and others in the monthly online Shared Situation Guide Experimenters group. Includes options for audio and video conferencing, text chat and screen-sharing, for up to about an hour. To attend and be notified of dates and times, go to Patreon and become a patron.


Join and/or Create Communities and Networks for Variety People

The variety people site aims to encourage variety and help variety people manage the dance between variety and stability. It’s a largely user-generated place to connect and share experiences, resources, ideas, events, articles, questions and ways of managing variety. In the process, perhaps we can become happier, healthier and more sustainable. And we might get what you could call some sustainable variety.


GroupIf you live in or near Los Angeles, you might be interested in joining the Variety People LA meetup group.


Group — In a monthly online session of the Sustainable Variety Network, let’s share tips, resources and experiences, support each other, and work together as we build pockets of sustainable variety in our lives, organizations, neighborhoods and communities. Includes options for audio and video conferencing, text chat and screen-sharing, for up to about an hour. To attend and be notified of dates and times, go to Patreon and become a patron.

Artsdown 3 SQUARE logo 03 NEW DESIGN and CIRCULAR ICON 01 182sq for l-c site

Use the Artsdown Variety-Enhancing Ways to Distribute and Enjoy the Arts

Easy downloading and sharing on networks creates opportunities for more variety, exploration, richer lives and rewards that relate. If certain information is attached to artistic works, we can relate to and reward creators no matter how we access or get their works. And, networks let rewards for the works relate to the enjoyments, benefits, people and circumstances in the proximity. Such rewards are called proxri. Artsdown is a place to explore and post downloadable arts and things related to downloadable arts (such as links, reviews, events, products, services, ideas and experiences), as well as a place to comment on postings and reward (proxri) arts creators.


Group — Be part of a monthly online session with other Artsdown Pioneers using the Artsdown approach to enjoying and sharing the arts! Share what you’re doing to use, enjoy and spread this approach, and hear what others are doing. Includes options for audio and video conferencing, text chat and screen-sharing, for up to about an hour. To attend and be notified of dates and times, go to Patreon and become a patron.

Proxri for Your Benefits, and to Get More Benefits

Are you benefitting from some of my projects and creative works (​full list here)? If so, you can proxri (ProxReward) in several different ways. What are proxri? Here’s the brief answer: Proxri (pronounced prox’ree) is short for one or more ProxRewards, which are rewards made with the proximity in mind. How do you proxri? Basically, you consider your enjoyment and benefits (from my projects, arts files, videos, art, photos, writing, websites, etc.), your circumstances, my circumstances, and some related people and circumstances, and then proxri as appropriate. Proxri may include money, things, services, relationships, actions, etc. Find more specific details about proxri here. 

  • You can proxri one time or in non-financial ways here.
  • You can set up a monthly proxri of money via Patreon (recommended) and get updates and the benefits of your Patreon tier (and all the tiers below it) with this link, or just use the button below.


Thank you!

Thanks! I’d be interested to hear about your experiences with any of my works or projects. Or, you may have questions, feedback, etc. Contact me here.
—David Loughry