Suggestions for Money Proxri

Ongoing Proxri via Patreon — You can set up a monthly proxri of money via Patreon and also get updates and many other potential benefits. Find more information and details here on Patreon.

PayPal Limits — Even with my micropayments option, PayPal still gets 5% plus $0.05 USD per transaction. So for very small amounts, like less than $0.10, they get more than half and up to all of your proxri. If you want to proxri a very small amount, perhaps do one PayPal transaction for several works and/or benefits.

Guilt-Free Arts Files — Whether you’ve gotten digital files of my works from me or someone else, see Guilt-Free Arts Files — Minimum Proxri. There you’ll find a way to determine the right proxri for you. Or you can take my suggestion that for personal use, a minimum proxri of $0.99 USD per month, or $9.99 per year, might be a good starting point. Of course, everyone’s situation is different.

Custom Proxri — Any proxri that is not money is a custom proxri.

Proxri in a Custom Way (suggestions)
Proxri with Money (suggestions)

Thank you!