Suggestions for Money Proxri

(Not sure what proxri are? See Proxri in Brief.)

Proxri with Money (Once)
Proxri with Money (Monthly)

RECOMMENDED — Ongoing Monthly Proxri via Patreon — You can set up a monthly proxri of money via Patreon and also get updates and many other potential benefits. See my current tier levels at Patreon Tiers. Then set up your monthly money proxri here on Patreon.

PayPal Limits — Even with my micropayments option, PayPal still gets 5% plus $0.05 USD per transaction. So for very small amounts, like less than $0.10, they get more than half and up to all of your proxri. If you want to proxri a very small amount, perhaps do one PayPal transaction for several works and/or benefits.

Guilt-Free Arts Files — Whether you’ve gotten digital files of my works from me or someone else, see Guilt-Free Arts Files — Minimum Proxri. There you’ll find a way to determine the right proxri for you.

Custom Proxri — Any proxri that is not money is a custom proxri.

Proxri in a Custom Way (suggestions)
Proxri with Money (Once) (suggestions)
Proxri with Money (Monthly) (suggestions)

Thank you!