Guilt-Free Arts Files

For guilt-free arts files (art and photos), whether you’ve gotten digital files of my works from me or someone else, here’s what you can do:

  • Recommended — For personal use of art and photo files (as opposed to business use), becoming a patron of mine on Patreon is a good way to go. Then you’ll have instant access to many past, present, and future arts downloads! You’ll also get many other benefits as a member of our SustaVariety membership community.
  • For non-members, business use, or additional proxri — If you’re not a member of our SustaVariety membership community, and/or you’re using my arts files for business, and/or you want to make an additional proxri … Use the steps in the Proxri Deal to determine your reasonable expected proxri for a period of time. You’ll notice the steps mention considering my circumstances. Once you’ve decided, then proxri at that level (use the links below) and you won’t have to worry, as you’ll have guilt-free arts files from me for the period of time you considered. Of course you can add to your proxri later as needed if things change.

Proxri in a Custom Way (suggestions)
Proxri with Money (Once) (suggestions)
Proxri with Money (Monthly)

Thank you!