Suggestions for Custom Proxri

(Not sure what proxri are? See Proxri in Brief.)

Proxri in a Custom Way

Custom proxri are non-financial rewards with the proximity in mind. As I’ve said elsewhere about custom proxri, the only limit is your imagination. However, below are some suggestions.

Remember, the key idea is that proxri are rewards made with the proximity in mind. You keep the proximity in mind by considering your enjoyment and benefits, your circumstances, my circumstances, and some related people and circumstances. Then you proxri as appropriate. As mentioned in the Proxri Deal, proxri may include money, things, services, relationships, actions, etc. You may have or know about resources, connections, services, skills, opportunities, products, knowledge, expertise, suggestions, etc., which might make good proxri. Here are a few other ideas: saying thanks, following/liking/subscribing on social media, telling me how something I’ve created affected you, telling a friend about my work, links to this site, support, referrals, networking, advertising and so on.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, or for more ideas for your proxri.

Proxri in a Custom Way (suggestions)
Proxri with Money (Once) (suggestions)
Proxri with Money (Monthly) (suggestions)

Thank you!