An easy, useful, pleasurable convention for shared photography and arts images.

I’m suggesting an easy, useful, pleasurable convention for shared photography and arts images. I just wrote a post called Photographers and Artists: Add Proxri Info to the Image Itself over on It relates to images shared on Facebook and social media and the web. People can easily send digital images anywhere, so photographers and artists might as well offer them the chance to proxri and/or get in touch!


Video Intro to the Shared Situation Guide

Here’s a brief video intro to one of my new projects, the Shared Situation Guide. It shows you how to access and start using the guide on your desktop and/or mobile. Your shared situation can be whatever your group is dealing with or considering. You can learn and use it on your own right now if you like, but stay tuned for upcoming online workshops for learning to use the guide!

I’m trying an iPhone app called TimeGolden. So far, so good.

I’m trying this iPhone app called TimeGolden. It’s for figuring out how you spend your time, among other things. Pretty interesting so far. If you can deal with all the Help info written by a non-native English speaker, you can learn it with a little playing around. So far I like it.

Here’s what the developer says about it on the app store: “Quantified Self Time Tracking — TimeGolden is a new generation of time management tool which adopts TimeStamp tracing mode, and has virtues of to-do list and mind mapping etc.”

I really like this iPhone journaling app called

I really like this iPhone journaling app called It’s visually appealing and well-organized. It’s intuitive. And the best part is the tags. You can tag every journal entry with multiple tags. So then you can also later filter your posts by tags. I’m using it for journaling and also to keep track of things that I’ve done, thought or felt by tagging them.

The smoke of gunpowder, gangster logic, and a land swarming with famished refugees

Fascinating perspective on language, cultural differences, the Chinese press, global trade, and renewable energy.

My post title includes some quotes from the article. Here’s the link:

Outsourcing Our Chagrin: China’s Reaction to Solar Trade Complaint | Renewable Energy News Article.