You can post on varietypeople!

As you may know, one of my projects is Variety People. I just posted a short blurb there about the links between relaxation and productivity. You can post things about variety there too. It’s an open blog. Sort of an experiment!

A good day for variety

Today was a pretty good day, both for what I got done and for the variety.

I got laundry done and some stuff around the house done. I worked for about four hours on one of my part-time jobs. I took a walk, and got an awesome burrito at one of the food trucks here in Koreatown.

Then I made some progress sorting out some technical and design details on a personal project. It had to do with some mobile wallpaper I plan to offer here on the site.

Then I topped the day off with some stretching, a glass of wine, and some old Dick Van Dyke shows.

Individually, none of these things are so very extraordinary. But their combination, and the variety, made it a pretty good day.