Brief Summary of My Major Accomplishments in Life to Date

This is a brief summary of my six major accomplishments in life to date, including some of my motivations and background. But before that, below is an introduction to the rest of the page.

One-Paragraph Introduction

To help others and myself be more alive and meet challenges, I leveraged my very diverse knowledge and experiences to create an integrated set of patterns for creativity and innovation. To make the patterns conceptually coherent I created a philosophical structure, and using both I created integrated collaboration processes for our connected world, and then conceptually linked those with our current state of technology and networks. The creativity patterns, the philosophical structure and the collaboration processes are the three main parts of the proximity thinking (ProxThink) framework, and they are called the ProxPatterns, the Basics and the Growth Model. Then I proposed, and continue to propose, using all of this to meet some of humanity’s ordinary and tough challenges like climate change, sustainability and quality of life. I’ve also made attempts to implement all of this in a number of projects, and share it with people using the idea of sustainable variety (which I also created) via groups and online sessions, websites, an online course and a guide within an app. I invite you to help yourself and others by joining me on these adventures for benefits on many levels. For a longer summary and relevant links to more information and how to get involved in the adventures, please see the rest of this page. In light of the work I’ve done and my current circumstances, at the end I’ll ask you to consider a proxri (one of the collaboration processes I created for our connected world, which can help create lively proximities). However, if this introduction has convinced you already, you can explore and join the adventures here and/or proxri here.

Motivations and Background

Below you’ll find some of what motivated me on such large-scope endeavors and the diverse background that helped support and propel them.

NOTES: (1) Related links below that say “desktop” can be viewed on mobile if you zoom in. (2) This is a work in progress, and may get copied elsewhere later. When I’ve finished editing it, I’ll note that here.


I’ve had several goals, described at a big-picture level as helping other people and myself to: feel more alive, be more alive, pursue possibilities, meet challenges and avoid problems. Why? Multiple reasons. To help other people and to connect with other people. For my own sake and for the challenges of such goals. Also, because my father wanted me to do something for the world.


Partly in preparation for what came later, partly to survive and partly out of curiosity, I have …

  • explored diverse domains of knowledge (emphasizing the arts, sciences, design and business),
  • explored diverse work environments (entrepreneurial, small to large business, government, cooperative, nonprofit), and
  • explored diverse work activities (marketing, finance, sales, art, design, business ownership, public interest fundraising, survey interviewing, others),
  • pursued many different creative activities (art, design, invention, music),
  • earned a math degree and a masters in business along the way and
  • met a huge variety of people.

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My Six Major Accomplishments, Your Invitation to Join the Adventures, and Questions for You Related to Proxri

Below are my six major accomplishments, and your invitation to help yourself and others by joining me on these adventures! Plus, a couple questions for you related to proxri.

1. Creativity Patterns (ProxPatterns)

Leveraging my diverse knowledge and experiences, I created an integrated set of patterns for creativity, problem-solving and innovation. I call these patterns the ProxPatterns.

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2. Philosophical Structure (ProxThink Basics)

To ground the creativity patterns and make them conceptually coherent, I created an elegant philosophical structure that can also relate to mathematics, engineering, business, design, the arts and the sciences. I call this philosophical structure the ProxThink Basics.

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3. Collaboration Processes (ProxThink Growth Model)

Then, using the philosophical structure and the creativity patterns, I developed an integrated set of collaboration processes that create new possibilities for collaboration and relating to proximities for our connected world. In addition to creating new possibilities, these processes may augment and/or replace some processes of markets, governments, nonprofits and more. I call these collaboration processes the ProxThink Growth Model. Note that this and the previous two sections form the three main parts of the proximity thinking framework. That is, the ProxPatterns, the Basics and the Growth Model.

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4. Linkage to Current Technology (Sustainable Proximities Approach)

Next, I conceptually linked the ProxThink Growth Model with our current state of technology and networks. I call this the Sustainable Proximities Approach.

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5. Proposals to Use All of This (Various Proposals)

Then I proposed, and continue to propose, using all of this (1 through 4 above) to meet some of humanity’s ordinary and tough challenges like climate change, sustainability and quality of life.

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• (More to come. I need to track down a number of relevant blog posts and pages from various sites.)

6. Attempts to Implement and Share All of This, Including the Related Concept of Sustainable Variety (Various Efforts)

I’ve also made some first attempts to implement all of this (1 through 5 above) in several domains via a number of projects, and share it with various groups of people. These efforts can be grouped within the general related concept of sustainable variety, which I also created. I’ve developed ways people can get involved, from small to big, to create more sustainable variety with my major projects (ProxThink, Shared Situations, Variety People, Artsdown). They can join groups and online sessions, interact with sites, use an online course in proximity thinking, and collaborate using the Shared Situation Guide in a mobile app.

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Help Yourself and Others by Joining Me!

I invite you to help yourself and others by joining me on these adventures for benefits on many levels!

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Find out why, how and the many benefits of getting involved here.

Questions for You Related to Proxri

Given the six major accomplishments of my life to date listed above, is it right and does it make sense to you and/or feel right to you that this is my personal ProxMonitor? If not, what can or will you do about it (this link explains more about proxri)? You might want to proxri me. Briefly, Proxri (pronounced prox’ree) is short for one or more ProxRewards, which are rewards that relate elements in the proximity, and are often made with the proximity in mind. The proxri process is part of the ProxThink Growth Model, and can help create lively proximities. You’ll find more about how to proxri at the links below. You can proxri once or in ongoing ways, with money or in other ways. Patreon is recommended as you’ll get the benefits of your Patreon tier and all the tiers below it!

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I wasn’t feeding myself. (It’s a metaphor!)

Yesterday I realized I’ve been working so hard and so long on proximity thinking, and lately working on the related Shared Situation Guide and Shared Situations website, that I haven’t been feeding other parts of myself.

And when I wasn’t working on those things, I was working to make enough money to survive. But when’s the last time I did a drawing or painting? I often can’t help taking some photos, but when’s the last time I posted one?

It’s sort of like I’ve been working so hard on feeding other people, with the projects I think could help a lot of people, that I haven’t been feeding myself.

So I took part of yesterday to start preparing a photo to post, which I hope to do soon.

I’m the variety guy, but didn’t have variety. Luckily, there’s a loophole. Maybe I needed the variety of not feeding those parts of me for a while??

A good day for variety

Today was a pretty good day, both for what I got done and for the variety.

I got laundry done and some stuff around the house done. I worked for about four hours on one of my part-time jobs. I took a walk, and got an awesome burrito at one of the food trucks here in Koreatown.

Then I made some progress sorting out some technical and design details on a personal project. It had to do with some mobile wallpaper I plan to offer here on the site.

Then I topped the day off with some stretching, a glass of wine, and some old Dick Van Dyke shows.

Individually, none of these things are so very extraordinary. But their combination, and the variety, made it a pretty good day.