Follow the More Interesting


In today’s dizzying world, enough can’t be had, or perhaps, it’s just a false goal. You can never get enough, or do enough. There is always something else you could be doing. And even knowing there is never enough is not enough!

I think that our goal, or direction, should be rather to seek the more interesting. More interesting than what? More interesting than whatever you have now. Not to lessen the importance of now. We must appreciate now. But I think the way now unfolds into the future is through the more interesting.

The more interesting pulls the now forward. Not that the more interesting trumps all other ways to move forward. But I think the more interesting is a more interesting way to move forward! (A nice recursive touch there, too.)

More interesting is a blend of intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical. When in doubt, you might try more interesting. Let more interesting be a leading edge, a direction or vector, of your life.

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