Human Constraints


These seem to be two constraints humans face:

  • We’re constrained in one way by the reality that to get much done, we need to collaborate with other people.
  • We’re constrained in another way by the limits of groups of people to collaborate, both among themselves and with other groups.

It’s a persistent dynamic tension and a kind of ecosystem. It’s amazing how much those two constraints relate to: a diversity of emotions, a diversity of social groups and forms, a diversity of technologies, a diversity of businesses, a diversity of people.

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Beach Thoughts

Went for a walk on the beach around sunset. From a systems perspective, different animals, insects, and species play different roles in helping the system keep going. What are the roles humans play, from a systems perspective? Perhaps to take care of each other, and take care of the earth. Perhaps. Among other things …

Sunset in Santa Monica, CA, USA - July 30, 2006