Background Acting

As you may know, I’ve been doing some background acting on a few TV shows. A few things you should know about background work: 1) If you live in LA, it’s not such a big deal. 2) It takes NO experience! 3) A lot of the time, the background is little more than a blur. Don’t believe it? Start looking at the background actors in shows.

It’s fascinating to be on set though. And trust me, even that person passing in the hall, in a doorway far behind the main actor, was sent on cue to do that!

Here are some of the shows I’ve been on, and the roles I’ve played. Some are new shows starting after the new year. And yes, sometimes you play different roles in different scenes or “scene-days.” Sorry, but most of the time, I don’t know which episodes I was on. Sometimes, it’s impossible to know if you might recognize me. Other times, I know I’m close to the camera and facing it. If you see me, and want to let me know, please do!

The Event – political convention attendee.

Love Bites – cheesy tourist on Venice beach. (new show in 2011, season 1, episode 4?)

The Closer – holiday shopper, policeman.

Seek & Destroy – pedestrian, diner, philanthropist at benefit. (pilot)

Love Bites – church attendee. (new show in 2011, episode 5?)

House – hospital administrator, clinic patient.

Criminal Minds – security guard. (season 6, episode 4?)

Castle – longshoreman. (season 3, episode 10?)

Make It or Break It – Russian gymnastics event attendee. (season 2, episode 15?)

Shameless – pedestrian, person in line to pay electric bill (possible face shots of me). (season 1, episode 6, new show in 2011)

Bones – diner in scene with Ryan O’Neal (possible face shots of me). (season 6, episode 10?)

Love Bites – employee at Dry Erase company (possible face shots of me). (new show in 2011, season 1, episode 6?)

Glee – show choir competition attendee (possible face shots of me – I was in the front row for part of it!).

Aim High – high school teacher. (webisode and pilot)

Bones – death penalty protester. (season 6, episode 10?)

The Mentalist – MMA fight attendee.

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