“What She Said” – New Drawing on YouTube

This video is only 53 seconds long!

Here’s what I wrote on YouTube:

Putting the final touches on the drawing “What She Said,” as I was testing the video setup. Luckily, this was when the personality emerged. I like the ambiguity of the noses and mouths. Where they are keeps changing as I look at it. The drawing also has this weird quality of being sad and hopeful at the same time. Maybe it’s because I sort of see several faces at the same time. One of them is even upside down, like an animal reaching down to feed on grass. This animal face that seems very innocent is only using the left side of the larger head shape and the left side of the eye, and I see the right side of its face, whereas for the larger more human face I see the left side. Ambiguous drawings seem to stay fresh longer.

Our Cages and Happiness

Our Cages and Happiness

You’re in cages of one sort or another. We all are. All the time. The cages might be physical, mental, conceptual, social, etc. and on and on. The cages might be chosen by us, or they might be constraints we can’t change. Often both. Often we’re in multiple cages simultaneously.

Since we are in these cages, we might as well make our lives as engaging and stimulating as possible. Of course, this may also entail testing the limits of those cages. Or seeking to evolve those cages.

There’s a ted.com video about happiness, which talks about how, when we are faced with a difficult and unchangeable situation, our brains are perhaps wired to help us be happy with, and face, that situation. Acknowledging the fact of our cages seems to be similar. Both knowing about the cages, and that even if we’re seeking to change our cages, knowing that those changes will lead to other cages of different sorts, weirdly, oddly, seems to make me happier.