Using ProxThink-Based Shared Situation Guide to Collaborate on Meetup Ideas/Planning

Quick update on the Variety People LA meetup group …

ProxThink River

I’m using the Shared Situation Guide (which uses the ProxThink growth model), as a collaborative document to collect meetup ideas and plan meetups for the Variety People LA meetup group. Here’s an upcoming meetup related to that. If you live in the Los Angeles area, please consider joining us!

If you’d like to adapt this document for your meetup group, or other meeting or event planning, please contact me.

Let’s Collaborate on Meetup Ideas/Planning (it’s also an ongoing mobile process)

Tuesday, Nov 15, 2016, 7:00 PM

No location yet.

1 VariPeeps Went

I’ve started a collaborative Quip document for collecting ideas for meetups and planning them. RSVP for this event, and I’ll send you details about how to join the document. On the date of the meetup, we can get together for an orientation to the Quip document, discuss ideas for meetups, and have a beverage and/or something to eat…

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Some Situations Call for Proximity-Oriented Approaches Like the Shared Situation Guide, Leading to More Sustainability and Variety

I created proximity thinking to help us with both big and small challenges. The first paragraph of this post makes some points I’ve been thinking about for a while now. Recently I realized I had not written about them! If you know someone who might get this and/or get into it, please pass it on. If you find this post or the Shared Situation Guide beneficial, please proxri via links in the post. If you don’t know, “proxri” (pronounced prox’ree) is short for one or more ProxRewards, which are rewards made with the proximity in mind. My 1987 Saab has 300,000 miles and it’s starting to fall apart. See more about my circumstances, which are part of the proximity of this situation. Thanks!

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Some Situations Call for Proximity-Oriented Approaches


Are you, as an individual or in your organization, exploring ways of thinking about and relating to situations that could make more progress on the big and small challenges you face, and humanity faces? Whether you’re exploring or not, what follows will expand your possibilities. First, these four definitions will help with what’s coming up. A situation is whatever you are dealing with or considering. An element is anything you’re considering as separate, including a person, place, thing, idea, feeling, time, group, relationship, etc. A relationship is any kind of association or connection between elements. And, the proximity consists of elements related or potentially related to a situation, in physical, mental and other ways. With the proximity thinking framework I created, you can consider situations and challenges with the four basic terms situation, element, relationship and proximity. Although considering elements, relationships and the proximity may each…

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On people who have a range of interests and jobs over a lifetime …

Love this. Explains a lot of my history! After much wandering and anguish, I settled on this idea of being a variety person, and it’s partly why I started

Variety People

This video may resonate with many variety people. However I think almost anyone can benefit from and enjoy more variety. I don’t think you have to be exactly like she’s talking about here to pursue and enjoy more variety. This video may also help some people understand variety people better.

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Atlanta Event (Online Too) — How to Use the Shared Situation Guide on Your Mobile

I’m in Atlanta next week, so I thought I’d offer an event there. It’s called “How to Use the Shared Situation Guide on Your Mobile.” Also, if you can’t attend in person, you can attend online. More here …

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Shared Situation Guide

I’m in Atlanta next week, so I thought I’d offer an event there. It’s called “How to Use the Shared Situation Guide on Your Mobile.” It’s on Tuesday, December 8, 2015 from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM (EST), in downtown Atlanta, GA at the Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel. Here’s all the deets and tickets over on Eventbrite. Also, if you can’t attend in person, you can attend online.

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In Progress: Looking for Groups, Proximities and Shared Situations for Trying the Shared Situation Guide

An update on a couple in-progress Shared Situation Guide documents related to testing and trying the guide …

Help shared situations come alive.

Just in case I get hit by a truck or something, I wanted to post links to a couple documents I’m working on. These are three Shared Situation Guide (SSG) documents related to testing and trying the guide. I’ll update this post when the documents are more finalized and ready for you to join, if you want to become part of this.

We’re Looking for Groups with Shared Situations for Trying the SSG (title subject to change)
Note: Currently, just a title and the basic sleek SSG doc. If it’s after 11/5/2015, it may be more complete.

We’re Looking for Public Proximities for Trying the SSG (title subject to change)
Note: This one is currently the most complete. As of 11/5/2015, it’s definitely worth a look. I haven’t opened it for editing yet, but will update this when I do.

We’re Looking for Shared Situations for Trying the SSG (title subject to…

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Introducing a Sleek Version of the Shared Situation Guide

Now there’s a sleek version of the Shared Situation Guide, for experienced users as well as people who prefer an uncluttered, minimalist approach!

ProxThink River

Sleek RomanceSleek Romance” by Dawna Raven sky Zimbalist is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

I was using the Shared Situation Guide on my phone and doing a lot of scrolling! So I’ve made a sleek version. Instead of including short text introductions, I’ve just put links to the orientations. So without further ado, here’s the sleek version of the Shared Situation Guide. Enjoy! I’ve also put links to the sleek version in the full version and the relevant orientation documents.

By the way, here’s a little more history of the sleek guide, for those interested. At first I thought the sleek version would be mostly for people who have worked with the full version and no longer need the short explanations there. And that may be true. But then I also realized it might appeal to people who like an uncluttered, minimalist approach.

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Challenge:LA — The Shared Situations Submission to the Los Angeles Civic Technology Challenge

The Civic Innovation Lab of the City of Los Angeles recently held an open challenge, and I applied. Here’s more about the challenge and the key parts of my application. You can actually start using what I’m describing here for your life, groups and communities already!

ProxThink River

The Civic Innovation Lab of the City of Los Angeles recently held an open challenge, and I applied. Here’s how the lab described the challenge:

Challenge:LA is Los Angeles’ first civic technology challenge to leverage the collective ingenuity of its citizens to solve some of our most pressing problems.

In partnership with the Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti, we encourage designers, developers, artists, activists, students, data scientists, policy makers, academics, entrepreneurs, and citizens at large to submit a solution to one or more of the following challenge areas: transportation, community, water conservation.

Challenge winners will have the opportunity to present at the #techLA Conference on October 10, 2015 and participate in Accelerate:LA, a four-month city accelerator program in Los Angeles designed to encourage the sustainability of each solution and create real impact.

If you’re interested, here’s the official introduction to the three challenges (Transportation, Community, Water Conservation):

I applied to the…

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