Some Situations Call for Proximity-Oriented Approaches Like the Shared Situation Guide, Leading to More Sustainability and Variety

I created proximity thinking to help us with both big and small challenges. The first paragraph of this post makes some points I’ve been thinking about for a while now. Recently I realized I had not written about them! If you know someone who might get this and/or get into it, please pass it on. If you find this post or the Shared Situation Guide beneficial, please proxri via links in the post. If you don’t know, “proxri” (pronounced prox’ree) is short for one or more ProxRewards, which are rewards made with the proximity in mind. My 1987 Saab has 300,000 miles and it’s starting to fall apart. See more about my circumstances, which are part of the proximity of this situation. Thanks!

ProxThink River

Some Situations Call for Proximity-Oriented Approaches


Are you, as an individual or in your organization, exploring ways of thinking about and relating to situations that could make more progress on the big and small challenges you face, and humanity faces? Whether you’re exploring or not, what follows will expand your possibilities. First, these four definitions will help with what’s coming up. A situation is whatever you are dealing with or considering. An element is anything you’re considering as separate, including a person, place, thing, idea, feeling, time, group, relationship, etc. A relationship is any kind of association or connection between elements. And, the proximity consists of elements related or potentially related to a situation, in physical, mental and other ways. With the proximity thinking framework I created, you can consider situations and challenges with the four basic terms situation, element, relationship and proximity. Although considering elements, relationships and the proximity may each…

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