Great old black and white movies

I’m keeping a list of great old black and white movies that I’ve seen and liked. These are all on Netflix. What are some of your favorites? Here’s my list:

“Stage Door Canteen” – Streaming
“Millions Like Us” – Streaming
“I Know Where I’m Going” – Streaming
“Brief Encounter” – Streaming
“Only Angels Have Wings”
“Bringing Up Baby”
“The Awful Truth”
“The Philadelphia Story”
“Love in the Afternoon”
“Roman Holiday”
“Anna Karenina” (with Vivien Leigh)
“St. Martin’s Lane”

“Holiday” – What a Film

“Holiday” – What a Film

For me, “Holiday,” with Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn, isn’t just a film you watch. It’s a film you fall in love with.

It’s so high-spirited, and full of life. Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn are such an awesome pairing. The dialogue is sparkling. The storyline exhibits great verve. The acting seemed practically flawless to me.

By the end, I was completely hooked, and on the edge of my seat. And, it has what I call a ski jump ending. It’s a perfect ending which comes suddenly, and you find yourself still flying in the air after it’s over.

Could an American have played Finn Hudson?

Cory Monteith is a Canadian. In his role as Finn Hudson on Glee, he pulls off a combination of innocence, honesty, strength, and naturalness. Topped off with the occasional wonder at how amazing life can be. Could an American have pulled this off? Have we Americans often become a bit too jaded, ironic, or sophisticated for our own good? Too cool? Of course not all Americans are, but I wonder about the available pool of actors in Hollywood.

The smoke of gunpowder, gangster logic, and a land swarming with famished refugees

Fascinating perspective on language, cultural differences, the Chinese press, global trade, and renewable energy.

My post title includes some quotes from the article. Here’s the link:

Outsourcing Our Chagrin: China’s Reaction to Solar Trade Complaint | Renewable Energy News Article.

Do or DIY – Highly Recommended Music Link

Do you like almost all kinds of music and sound? Would you be open to hearing it mashed up in interesting ways? If so, I could not more highly recommend this link. If you get the free WFMU app, you can listen to the Do or DIY stream anywhere, anytime. (We live in a time when a glowing personal recommendation sounds exactly like a commercial. Sigh…)