What kinds of cars might be good for variety people?

I just wrote a new post about cars for the Variety People site. Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments over there.

Variety People

Here are some random thoughts about what kinds of cars might work for variety people. Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments.

Maybe you don’t want a fancy expensive car, or only one expensive car. Maybe you want one that doesn’t stand out, so you can blend into a variety of situations and go a variety of different places. Or one that exhibits a variety of characteristics, like high end but older. Or you might join a car sharing service so you can drive a variety of different cars. Maybe dealers should offer leases that let you change cars when you feel like it. Maybe you don’t want a lot of money tied up in a car, or one that gets great mileage, so you have money for a variety of other experiences. Plus, research has shown that it’s less the things you own, and more the things…

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