Tomoltamarumber Salad and Toast

Serving size = 1

• 1 large salad tomato or 2 to 3 medium-size tomatoes — cut into fairly small chunks

• 1/2 small to medium size cucumber (leave the skin on!) — cut into fairly small chunks

• extra virgin olive oil

• Tamari  sauce (gluten free soy sauce) — I like the San-J brand

Mix the above in a bowl. Tomoltamarumber = tomato | olive oil | tamari | cucumber

Serve with good toast. I used sourdough bread tonight. I could also see it with Ciabatta. Toast in a toaster oven, not so it’s brown, but at like 200 degrees until it’s slightly-but-not-too-crunchy (if it’s like a cracker or croutons that’s a little too dry). As I was getting close to finishing one piece of toast I’d make another, so there was a continuous supply of toast at the perfect temperature.

I should have taken a picture, but I ate it too fast! Maybe next time.

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