Chocolate Moon Pie

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This is one of the first photos I took with my new iPhone. I was still learning how to use it. I’m not sure why it turned out like this. Maybe the flash was on. But it was very unusual, and I kind of liked it, so I kept it, and it has grown on me. The white halo at the top is sort of like a gigantic moon. The brown color cast is a lot like the color of chocolate. Is there a pie? No, except that the curve of the “moon” seems big like a pie. But the idea of pie connects chocolate and moon, and there are such things as moon pies. The building you sort of see is a fake building on the back lot at Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, California, where I was working as an extra, I think on the “Mike and Molly” show. This building was not in the show. We were just waiting near it, and it had a kind of small town courthouse feeling. The only very real thing in the photo is the back of the person ascending the steps. I have no idea what the white dot at the top is, or the white shimmer at the top of the steps is.

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