My Variety Today – Tuesday 2/7/2012

My Variety Today – Tuesday 2/7/2012

Worked my field rep job. It included an interesting conference call, a productive meeting, a bunch of phone calls, and a personal visit in the field.

Ate my Subway sandwich inside Starbucks! Along with a coffee of course.

Continued reading an interesting Fast Company article about thriving amid chaos.

Listened to the awesome variety-oriented music stream called Do or DIY on the WFMU app on my phone.

Explored a kosher deli, and another restaurant with Mexican food called MexiKosher.

Spent a decent amount of time in natural sunlight. Always good for the mood and the brain.

Happened to walk by a RadioShack. Popped in and got a universal remote for the TV, which I’ve been thinking about getting for like six months.

Tried out my new Skechers Shape-ups shoes at home.

Worked out.

Worried about my lack of health insurance.

Watched some more of That Hamilton Woman.

Tweaked my new ProxThink business cards, adding a new special offer.

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