Three Goals for SustaVariety Communities, Three Ways To Strive Towards These Goals, and One Recommended Next Step

Three Goals for SustaVariety Communities

In brief, SustaVariety is variety that continues, refreshes, and renews. Based on this longer explanation of what it means to create, grow and spread SustaVariety, I’m suggesting three goals for SustaVariety communities.


  1. To increase SustaVariety generally, for individuals and groups.
  2. For people and groups striving towards SustaVariety to also experience SustaVariety as they strive.
  3. To increase the prevalence of sustainable proximities with sustainable variety (see note below), and to the extent possible list, track and assess them, to improve and further create, grow and spread SustaVariety and enjoy more SustaVariety.

Note that the idea of “sustainable proximities with sustainable variety” is also discussed in the longer explanation, and a link for further exploration is provided there.

Three Ways To Strive

Although this is discussed generally in other places (such as the homepage), briefly I’m suggesting three ways we can strive towards the three goals for SustaVariety communities above:

  1. Consider the basic idea that SustaVariety is variety that continues, refreshes, and renews, and then create, collaborate and live with this idea in mind.
  2. Use proximity thinking approaches to create, collaborate and live.
  3. Mix and blend the above two ways to strive.

You might be wondering, how do proximity thinking approaches boost SustaVariety? Our connected world is proximity oriented. The proximity thinking (ProxThink) framework offers you proximity-oriented approaches to transform how you create, collaborate and live. The ProxThink framework consists of three integrated parts that go with a connected world. The ProxThink Basics help us describe and discuss situations. The ProxPatterns are especially helpful for creativity, innovation and problem-solving. The Growth Model boosts collaboration and encourages growth for people who share a proximity, helping shared situations come alive. You can use the Growth Model with the Shared Situation Guide on a mobile and desktop collaboration platform. After learning more about proximity thinking, you should enjoy more SustaVariety, as well as be able to blend it with the basic idea that SustaVariety is variety that continues, refreshes, and renews. And, as mentioned on the homepage, I’ve started some ProxThink-related projects that also help boost SustaVariety. Your next step (below) shows you how to quickly learn more about proximity thinking approaches.

One Recommended Next Step

To begin striving in the ways presented above, towards the suggested three goals for SustaVariety communities, I’d recommend you start with the online course Let’s Be More Alive — Intro to ProxThink. As part of starting the course, you’ll also join our membership community to create, grow and spread SustaVariety. Between the course and the community, you should enjoy more SustaVariety. You can start and join here.

I hope you enjoy more SustaVariety!

David Loughry