North by Northwest – Film Review

Here are my reviews of “North by Northwest” (the Hitchcock film).

Negative: Implausibility heaped upon implausibility.

Positive: Eva Marie Saint is hot.

Neutral: A fine film.

Mixed: Combine the above into one sentence. I can’t be bothered.

Nasty: Formulaic and overly stylized.

Enthusiastic: Full of brio and charm.

It’s much more fun to write several conflicting reviews. Isn’t that how we think, anyway?

New ProxThink Slide Show

I recently finished a new slide show. It’s a good, concise introduction to both the ProxThink Basics and the ProxPatterns.

The show is hosted on, and is also on the ProxThink home page. It’s in the Start pages inside the ProxThink User Area as well.

Enjoy and please leave any comments below. Thanks!